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12 Cheap Amazon Items for Your Work Desk (That Are Even Cheaper on Prime Day)

12 Cheap Amazon Items for Your Work Desk (That Are Even Cheaper on Prime Day) Posted on August 19, 2017Leave a comment

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I love online shopping. You love online shopping. Basically, everyone does.

And why wouldn’t you? Being able to order your favorite items from the comfort of your couch, and for half the cost of travelling to the store and having to carry it back home? That’s priceless.

Which is why Prime Day on just makes things so much better—30 hours, crazy deals, all starting at 9 PM ET on July 10 according to their website.

So if you’re a Prime member, consider checking out these 12 super-cheap items on the big day to vamp up your work desk—because let’s be real, it could use some sprucing up this summer. Plus, what else are you going to do on a Tuesday evening?

(Pst—Prime gives you free two-day shipping, too.)

1. Monthly Magnetic Calendar, $14.95

Get organized (and actually meet your deadlines) with this dry erase calendar, perfect to hang on the wall or tack on to the side of your cubicle.

2. MacBook Laptop Sleeve, $13.99

Worried about shattering your fancy work computer? Keep it protected in style with this sleek laptop cover (with other pockets for papers, books, or other miscellaneous items).

3. LED Cube Alarm Clock, $13.99

Never be late to a meeting with this vibrant (but compact) clock.

4. Portable Fan, $13.99

No air conditioning in your office? Stay cool and collected (literally) with this simple but effective portable fan. Yes, these haven’t gone out of style yet.

5. Laptop Cooling Pad, $21.49

You’re not the only one feeling hot this summer. Make sure your laptop doesn’t overheat with this slim, noise-free cooling pad.

6. ShineMe Mini Vacuum Cleaner, $12.99

If you feel like spring cleaning in July, this little device is great for collecting all the dust, crumbs, and scraps stuck in the cracks in your desk or computer.

7. HOPDAY Bluetooth Headphones, $19.99

Tune out all those open office distractions (or, that really loud desk mate) by buying yourself some noise-cancelling headphones.

Then, try turning on some tunes or these eight soothing ambient noises.

8. Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink, $17.33

Learn how to make hard decisions like an expert after reading this book on Navy SEAL tactics for high-pressure situations. A great read on your lunch break.

9. Erin Condren Hardcover Planner, $29.99

Develop your life plan (or, more realistically, your day plan) with a planner that’s fun, handy, and full of motivational quotes.

10. CamelBak Water Bottle, $14.95

We all know drinking water frequently is good for our brain (and headaches). Make sure this is your daily habit with a water bottle that makes you want to drink—seriously, it has a fun straw.

11. Prismacolor Colored Pencils, $19.99

Sure, there are plenty of benefits to coloring—two of many including boosting your creativity and calming you down in stressful times. Become a coloring pro with the right tools (hint: these pencils) and you’ll be more productive than ever.

Then, check out these coloring books to match.

12. Gummy Bears, $11.99

Finally, feed your brain (and afternoon hunger) with a giant packet of gummy bears—because why not. Or, put them in a bowl on your desk and make lots of new friends in your office!

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