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Here’s How to Apply for a Job the Same Day You Hear About It

Here’s How to Apply for a Job the Same Day You Hear About It Posted on August 19, 2017Leave a comment

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Amazon recently set about to hire 50,000 people on the spot for Amazon Jobs Day. (You read that right, 50,000!)

You have to admit, it gets you thinking: If you had the opportunity to apply for a job today, would you be ready?

I won’t fault you if the answer is no.

That’s probably because you imagine that you’ll take the time to update your materials the next time you’re on the hunt for a new position.

Except it doesn’t always happen that way. Maybe you bump into an old contact at an event who tells you her team’s hiring and you should send over your resume. Or maybe, you’re passively browsing job postings and see your dream job with a 5 PM application deadline.

The point is: Opportunities don’t always come open on your timeline, and having your materials up to date means you can take advantage of them. If you’re behind the eight-ball, here are some resources to get everything ready right now:

  • Update your resume in 30 minutes
  • Write a cover letter in 30 Minutes
  • Update your LinkedIn profile in 30 minutes
  • Prepare for an interview in 30 minutes

It definitely is doable, and you can turn in an application that’ll give you a shot. With that said, an even better bet is to keep your resume updated all the time. (Here’s an easy way to do it!) That way, you’ll never have to scramble when an amazing opportunity comes your way.

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